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Mercury-Free Dentist

Amalgam fillings, also referred to as silver fillings, contain about fifty percent mercury, as well as silver, tin and copper. Many people are concerned that mercury is toxic and will leak from the fillings into their body. If you share their concern, there is an alternative. Dr. Brady is a mercury-free dentist.

Dr. Brady Sherly prefers white composite fillings, although amalgam fillings have been in use since 1840s, many dental schools train students in the use of them, and many dentists still use them. A mixture of glass or quartz with resin is used to make composite fillings. But other than not containing mercury, what are the advantages of composite filling?

How Mercury-Free Fillings Compare to Amalgam Fillings

The composite bonds to your tooth and makes the tooth stronger. Amalgam fillings weaken teeth.
Your teeth will be less sensitive to heat and cold with white fillings.
Placing composite fillings requires less removal of the structure of your tooth.
The composite matches the color of your teeth, so they blend in naturally.
Composite fillings are more expensive than amalgam fillings, and it takes more time and skill to place them.

If you are interested in mercury-free fillings, (+1)855-311-3573 to schedule an appointment. He will quickly get you out of pain.